This week, HB Building + Design became a Certified Partner in the watersense_logo_homeEPA’s WaterSense program, whose goals are to use water resources more efficiently to preserve them for future generations reduce water wastewater infrastructure costs by reducing unnecessary water consumption.

Through this program, EPA will provide reliable information on high-performing, water-efficient products practices, raise awareness about the importance of water efficiency, ensure water-efficient product performance, help consumers differentiate among products programs that use less water, promote innovation in product development, support state local water efficiency efforts.

Partnership Pledge As an EPA WaterSense program partner, HB Building Design shares the EPA’s goals as outlined above is proud to commit to the following activities to further these goals:

1. Submit proof of certification received from an EPA WaterSense labeled Professional Certification Program with this Partnership Agreement.1

2. Apply water-efficient practices in accordance with the specifications for the EPA WaterSense labeled Professional Certification Programs, promote the value of water-efficient practices WaterSense labeled products programs on an ongoing basis.

3. Adhere to WaterSense partner logo guidelines help EPA maintain program integrity by alerting EPA to possible misuse(s) of the WaterSense partner logo or label.

4. Update EPA annually on certification status by submitting proof of certification renewal from an EPA WaterSense labeled Professional Certification Program.

5. Grant the EPA WaterSense program permission to include name of certified professional on a list of participating partners on the EPA WaterSense Web site, program materials, announcements.

The certified professional understs that from time to time, EPA will be interested in profiling partner accomplishments in case studies articles. If selected for such promotion, the certified professional will have the opportunity to provide input review the final product prior to release to the public in EPA printed or Web documents. Further, the certified professional understs that EPA might refer media contacts interested in publicizing water efficiency to partners for information about services accomplishments.

EPA WaterSense Program’s Commitments to Partners

1. Develop national specifications for water-efficient products programs through an open, public process.

2. Increase awareness of the EPA WaterSense br by distributing key messages on the benefits of labeled products programs, as well as the importance of water efficiency.

3. Provide current EPA WaterSense program news, information, reference documents (via the program Web site, helpline, e-mail, or other means), including a listing of labeled products programs on the Web site.

4. Provide WaterSense program partners with public recognition for their involvement in the program role in protecting the environment through online listing of partners, special awards, other efforts. This recognition includes but is not limited to listing partners labeled products programs on the EPA WaterSense Web site.

5. Respond swiftly to partner requests for information or clarification on EPA WaterSense program policies.

6. Review prepress promotional items, draft Web sites, packaging or other materials that use the WaterSense lab.