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Value of Adding Heated Floors to Your Bathrooms

value heated floors bathrooms

There are a number of home upgrades out there that touch on both practical and comfort-related needs, and the bathroom area contains several of these specifically. A good example that hits on both these areas simultaneously for many people: Heated floors installed in the bathroom.  At HBI General Contractor, we’re happy to assist clients with […]

Aging in Place Bathroom Remodels: Further Tips for Gresham Clients

aging in place bathroom remodels

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to consider a bathroom remodel if the space is being utilized by someone who is aging in place. Bathrooms are a vital part of any age-in-place setup, as they’re one of the locations where some of the greatest risks for […]

Aging in Place Bathroom Remodels: Importance and Simple Themes

aging in place bathroom remodels

There are millions of Americans either at or approaching senior age, and an increasing trend among such individuals is a desire to remain in their homes as they get older. This is known in many circles as “aging in place,” and it’s a process both seniors and their family members/caregivers can prepare for in a […]

Hardwood Vs. Softwood Cabinets: Pros and Cons of Each

hardwood softwood cabinets pros cons

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basic differences between hardwood and softwood kitchen cabinets. Mostly speaking to the kinds of trees used to source the material, but also referring to several specific qualities of the wood itself, these are two important designations you should know about if you’re thinking […]

Hardwood Vs. Softwood Cabinets: Basics for Gresham Clients

hardwood softwood cabinets basics

If you’ve decided to go with wood materials for your kitchen cabinet needs, you’ve made a great choice — but your selection process also isn’t finished yet. There will be a few other important areas where you need to make choices, and one of these will be between whether you prefer hardwood or softwood materials […]



Now that we’re settled in our office in downtown Troutdale, we’ve got a showroom to display our two premier cabinet lines! Manufactured in Vancouver, WA, DeWils offers exceptional quality cabinets, allowing you to experience the joy of creating those special spaces in your life. Offering Framed, Frameless Inset styles, DeWils enhances any space, from traditional […]