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Home Maintenance Tips: Lighting Science!

Everything we know about lighting is changing faster faster. As of January 1, 2012, all light bulb packaging will be changing as we move from Watts to Lumens! Incescent bulbs will be unavailable in a couple of short years! As with other technologies, we have found ways to make better lights, with true colors, using […]

2011 Fix a Leak Week Activities + Programs

Want to hear more about water-efficiency efforts across the county? Then sign up for our Articles of Interest by contacting the WaterSense Helpline at or (866) WTR-SENS (987-7367). Read all about it here… we were the first retail plumbing group certified as WaterSense Partners in 2008. This is our third Fix A Leak Week! […]

Aging In Place Step 3: Maintenance, Cleanliness, Safety

Maintenence is one the the most important tasks you should do on a schedule – why not make it out in advance of when certain inspections or tasks should be scheduled. Things like range hood filters should be taken down cleaned annually. Buy  replace your existing batteries in the smoke alarms. Make your bathroom kitchen maintenance-friendly easy […]

HOME MAINTENANCE TIP: Get Out of the Gutter!

Hasn’t it been a rainy spring? Here in Nor Cal, we generally don’t get any rain after February or March, but we are nearing the end of May, the rains keep coming. Don’t let a little rain or fog prevent you from doing a small task that will save you a lot of money in […]

Home Maintenance Tip: Paint Now Before Winter Sets In

Can you believe how quickly this year is just flying by? Winter still seems a long way off, but we are in the 8th month of the year already. Now is the time to think about freshening up your home for more enjoyment before the hectic holiday season ‘suddenly’ sets in, during those long winter […]

Home Maintenance Tips: Check Your Hot Water Heater

How often do you think about your hot water heater?  Can you remember the last time that you checked it? Typically, water heaters last 10 to 15 years, but with a little care maintenance they can last even longer. Some things to consider about your tank: Check the exterior. Leaks rust on the outside could […]

Aging In Place: Kitchen Function, Improved Usability Part 1

Usually, clients who update their bathrooms are the first to look at Design for Aging In Place, but in the next month or two, we’ll be renewing kitchens for two new clients. They both want to incorporate the latest ideas technologies for Aging In Place, while keeping costs down as we go. One will be […]

Fix a Leak Week: That Stink May Not Be Your Sink!

Okay, here is yet another TRUE story, I don’t make these things up. Last fall, my dear friends clients,  Eric & Susan, who lives a few short blocks away, had us replace a broken set of French doors a few months ago. His gardener, happily boppin’ away with his iTunes, shot a couple of pebbles […]