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Designer's Corner: Design Vision Part II

The second half of this story takes place closer to our home, on the San Mateo Coastside in Moss Beach. Our client had a big mishmash of closets, hidey-holes, a small room with a toilet a shower, a sink sitting in the middle of her bedroom. She is only 72 years young, is a nurse, so […]

Aging In Place: Kitchen Function Improves Usability Part II

We enter the kitchen with new eyes when we think about Aging in Style. The first thing we looked at was cabinetry, even the height of our clients can influence the best height for the cabinetry. Should we add a section with a lower countertop? Multiple heights are not only comfortable for people in wheelchairs or […]

Aging In Place: Kitchen Function, Improved Usability Part 1

Usually, clients who update their bathrooms are the first to look at Design for Aging In Place, but in the next month or two, we’ll be renewing kitchens for two new clients. They both want to incorporate the latest ideas technologies for Aging In Place, while keeping costs down as we go. One will be […]

Aging In Place: A Brutally Honest Assesment

“Aging in Place” means living safely at home. If you are blessed enough to have a good retirement plan, then traveling is great for awhile. However, there is nothing fun about the physical changes to your body as you grow older. Inside, you may feel young at heart, but your body does not always comply. […]

Aging In Place: New Technologies Abound!

3 New Offerings In Development at University of South Carolina SMART HOME ™ will enable older adults to use a “smart cup’ to monitor their fluid intake, a smart fridge to detect food spoilage, home designs that will help builders to design elder-friendly homes with built-in systems to promote independence. SMART WHEELS (tm) is a team that […]

Aging At Home extends lifespan, quality of life, per Forbes article.

I thought this was a great piece of news to share with you about how Aging At Home really does improve quality of life, supports what I have been saying for years, the better equipped your home is to support you, the healthier you are the longer you can live in your own home! Home-Based […]

Contractor's Corner: Permits are a Project

There are some things money can’t buy, that is a General Contractor who knows their way around a Building Department. It takes some doing, back forth, give take,  getting to know everybody in the place. Mostly, it takes time. In Northern California, we have lots of small municipalities, one overarching county. In all of San Francisco, […]