Designer's Corner: Design Vision Part II

The second half of this story takes place closer to our home, on the San Mateo Coastside in Moss Beach. Our client had a big mishmash of closets, hidey-holes, a small room with a toilet a shower, a sink sitting in the middle of her bedroom. morelcloset

She is only 72 years young, is a nurse, so is quite aware of the physical changes that happen to your eyes, muscles bones no matter how good a shape you maintain as you age. She wanted to be prepared. And, she also wanted to make a better system of storage for all her things. And does she have things!  She is a smart dresser, has shoes, scarves,  jewelry to match all her outfits. 70 pairs of shoes, not one of them will be discarded during our remodel!   Not to mention, a nice collection of hats, belts; as well as crafts holiday decorations that need their own storage space in the re-design.

The key requirements for the remodel are:

img_09221) Accessible Shower with no curb, a seat, wheelchair accessible

2) Comfort Height Toilet

3) Skylights for day light Bright Light for evenings

4) Accessible Organized Storage, Lots of it!

My lovely client also has great taste, so her choices have been full of color, style it has been so much fun to work with her. When she isn’t working on craft books for her twin grdaughters, she is out in her garden raising beautiful flowers or cooking something up in the kitchen.

img_09181For this post, you only get to see the colorful BEFORE photos….next week we put in the shower glass, then you will get to see the super Graniti Fire yellow porcelain tile, cherry cabinets, Ice Stone countertop  cabinetry configuration that allows for privacy accessibility in the new configuration. Here is a preview of the new floor plan – our client is amazed at the storage space openness she’ll have now. Floor to ceiling cabinetry plus some room over the top hidden by crown molding for the seldom-used items will give her a whole new boudoir, with the whole place in it’s own room with an arched entry. We’ll keep you posted!


Existing Floor Plan
Remodeled Floor Plan