Designer’s Corner: Designer Vision

This is the first of a two part story. We begin in San Franicisco, the home of many first time buyers, living in tiny little cottages, or small two story attached houses in the Sunset the Richmond District. Cute, quaint, each full of rich, historical detail, may I add, kitchens baths as old as the SF Earthquake from 1906, or thereabouts.

When we begin toSink Wall work with ourFridge Wall Before clients, we always start with the survey, a photo shoot of the existing kitchen. I take pictures, because when we recreate the existing plans draw elevations construction plans, photographs are a good reference to have. But the best part of the photos are to put them together as ‘before after’ shots for the homeowner when we’re through! Here, it is a little tough to see the completely ‘ball peened’ look of the existing fridge, which the kids had picked up at a clearance sale. It looked like it had been through a gun fight. And the decorative painted orange stripe which served as a ‘backsplash’  around the entire kitchen had also been there long before our couple purchased the home.

img_11972We’ve been working with our young homeowners, J & M, for a few months now. We were able to help them out through the kismet of networking, got them very high end appliances, including a 48″ Wolf Professional Range, for 1/2 the original cost, due to another friends misfortune at having to move out of her Ocean Colony, Half Moon Bay, home before she could actually do her remodel. With those savings on appliances, J & M were able to replace all the  kitchen windows, get some very nice cabinetry.

The tile work is planned to be done my M’s dad, we’re waiting for him to fly out visit his daughter, get the work done. In the meantime, we thought you just might enjoy seeing how great a low cost remodel can be, how it can lighten up, brighten up, competely change the look of YOUR kitchen. In this case, it brought the kitchen up to the great, classic style of the rest of the home. We are delighted J & M finally have the kitchen they’ve dreamed of for the last 5 years, at a great savings. Thank you for letting us be in your life for the last few months! It was all the planning that made the installation, customization results such an easy, smooth fun job. We are so hapimg_11991py to have such wonderful clients.