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Aging In Place Step 5: Get The Height Right

In many cases, we are living in homes that were built by contractors for resale. Not many of us have had the luxury to design in all the features we’d like in our homes, features that will suit us as we live our lifespan. Some modifications can help, but also there are purchase decisions for appliances to […]

Aging In Place Step 4: Managing Storage Access

How do you begin making your home ‘Senior-Friendly?’ These tips will get your started with some simple inexpensive things you can do to your storage areas kitchen to prepare for your future.

What’s It All About, Shluter?

As a frequently experimental designer, I often want things to look a bit differently than the manufacturer intended, especially when it comes to bath layouts, materials, tile. And then just this week, two of my tile reps both, in one day, said, “Well, then, what about Schluter?” Don’t think for one moment that you’re not as […]

Project Highlight: San Francisco Sees the Light

Sometimes you don’t know where a chance meeting will take you. But a chance meeting with a super charged Half Moon Bay business woman led to a discussion about kitchen design. She said, “I heard you talking to that other woman there, yes, I admit I was eavesdropping, but it was very interesting. You say you […]

Designer’s Corner: Designer Vision

This is the first of a two part story. We begin in San Franicisco, the home of many first time buyers, living in tiny little cottages, or small two story attached houses in the Sunset the Richmond District. Cute, quaint, each full of rich, historical detail, may I add, kitchens baths as old as the […]

Friends Don't Let Friends Build Under The Influence… Use A Professional!

Sixteen years ago we bought our dream house in the woods. As we moved in met the neighbors, many of them told us that they had hammered a lot of nails into our house.  The process the former owners followed was simple: Invite the neighbors over for a meal, enjoy some beer or wine with […]

Clean + Green: Economic Stimulus Saves You Money!

On February 17th, 2009, the President signed into law the American Recovery Reinvestment Act of 2009 which contains great benefits for the American homeowner.” How the Economic Stimulus Plan Helps Homeowners  Los Angeles, Calif. (PRWEB) February 18, 2009 — On February 17th, 2009, the President signed into law the American Recovery Reinvestment Act of 2009 […]


Originally this kitchen was very small, with limited storage space. HB Building Design masterfully updated the look of the kitchen with modern tile, lighting, appliances, an enlarged floorplan. Custom cabinetry was built to meet the client’s specifications. When the project was finished, the kitchen had twice the storage space! Is your kitchen short on storage? […]