Aging In Place Step 5: Get The Height Right

In many cases, we are living in homes that were built by contractors for resale. Not many of us have had the luxury to design in all the features we’d like in our homes, features that will suit us as we live Pedestalour lifespan. Some modifications can help, but also there are purchase decisions for appliances to consider.

So, let’s start with the easy ones, like the Washer & Dryer. Front loading models are very popular today, but bending over getting inside for the very last sock can be a problem for those with mobility issues.  Most brs, including Bosch, Whirlpool Frigidaire make pedestals for all their newer models, can retrofit them to older models.They range from 11″ to 17″, depending on the br.  The other solution is to pull the machines out, have your contractor frame in a raised platform at just the right height for you, cover it with linoleum, your washer dryer will be much more accessible. 

Another place to ‘right height’ appliances is in the kitchen.  One popular solution is a lowered cooktop with the controls on the front. If you have room to make this modification, lower this part of the countertop with the adjacent required ling space, it really makes things easier for shorter people, or someone sitting in a wheelchair or using a walker. The second appliance that should be considered is the configuration of the refrigerator. A side-by-side refrigerator freezer is a much better choice, giving access to both the freezer the refrigerator from a sitting position.

Just a couple of notes about the fridge while we’re on the subject! Many people place the eggs in the refrigerator door as they are designed with a special case to hold eggs. But it is not the right place as the temperature at the refrigerator door is higher than other parts of the refrigerator fluctuates with frequent door opening. This can result in loss of quality as the eggs are susceptible to changes in the temperature.

Countertops should be smooth to allow you to slide rather than lift heavy pots pans. Cabinets can also be prepared for someone with a progressive illness by specifying removable base cabinets for future wheelchair access.

Finally, a Trash Compactor is a friendly appliance, it allows you to minimize the amount of trash generated, if at all possible, include recycling bins as cabinet pull outs.