Project Highlight: San Francisco Sees the Light

IMG_0727Sometimes you don’t know where a chance meeting will take you. But a chance meeting with a super charged Half Moon Bay business woman led to a discussion about kitchen design. She said, “I heard you talking to that other woman there, yes, I admit I was eavesdropping, but it was very interesting. You say you are a Kitchen Bath designer?”  “Yes.” “And you were talking about Plans. I have a kitchen designer, we’ve been working on my kitchen for four months I don’t have any plans.  Are you supposed to have plans? All I have is a garage full of appliances, I can’t park my car in it.”

She was very funny. And we laughed a lot. And exchanged contact informascan0004tion, but, as I explained, I wouldn’t tred on someone else’s turf.  About six months later she sent me a short email. “No kitchen remodel. Appliances too big. Need to sell. Can you help?” So, I started sending out small sensors to find someone who might be interested in a great deal on a 48″ professional Thermador Range Canopy Hood, a set of Kitchen Aid dishwasher drawers, a 36″ Architect Series Kitchen Aid built in Refrigerator. A bargain. It took a few months, but one day, a young couple wrote said they were really interested!  They lived in San Francisco, dreamed of the range, but it was totally out of their budget, unless they could negotiate a deal for these. They were so excited!  We all met, it was a lovefest! The dogs, the Smart Car, the Thermador, the price.IMG_0730

They needed help moving the items, so we helped with that. And my friend who sold them the appliances, highly recommended getting some plans! (From me, of course.) They thought about it a bit, as they wanted to get the job permitted, get great cabinets, then do the tile work themselves, they asked Bob & I to work with them. It was an absolute blast from start to finish.  We measured measured, we moved things around, we tried to get in a place for M to sit, but that wasn’t going to happen. J wanted so much to save the old spice cabinet…couldn’t let it go. But finally we were ready to demo get the job done.  It went fast easy, , as with any creative project, new things came to light as old things disappeared. M got her counter stools! There was so much light! And J had his gadget garage located just where he needed it.

 Not only fun, but a beautiful result with careful planning at a great price. Thank you MeyersFinish2everyone who brought us MeyersFinish3together!