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Aging In Place: Walk in Showers

Probably the best thing since sliced bread is the dawn of the age of the curbless shower. Not only do curbless showers make it easier for seniors to get in out of the shower space, with without shower chairs or walkers, they add value to your home beautify the room when done with style. When equipped […]

True Stories: AMEX OPEN + Make Mine A Million WINNER!

This past week was an amazing experience. A General Contractor in a field of 20 sharp, talented women business owners, all in business more than 2 years, with earnings of over $250k less than $1m, we appeared at the American Express OPEN Women’s Business Summit to demonstrate to the more than 600 attendees exactly how a successful […]

True Stories: M3 Race Finalist Cross Between American Idol + Shark Tank

Okay – a little background for my readers. This past year, I have been participatng in the Make Mine a Million $ Business Race. It has helped our company grow in mamy different ways, most of all, through tracking our financials completing a full business plan with 5 year goals clearly stated. I have participated in […]

True Stories: Loos of the World

If only I had a camera with me all those years I traipsed the planet carrying my computer bag, before I became a designer.  The time was long before digital cameras were cheap small. Oh, if I had had one in my purse. I would produce a coffee table book, full of gorgeous photos of artistic public private […]

Aging In Place At UCLA

Just in the past month, so many wonderful things have come our way. I spoke at the UCLA Technology Aging conference a few weeks ago, it was a celebration of life living. So many spirited adults, specialists, doctors, educators, designers, architects, business owners even Art Linkletter were there to collaborate, discuss disseminate all the new […]

Aging In Place: About Aunt Jacquie

Sometimes Aging In Place is so difficult, no one can help, no one can hear your cries for help. That was the case for Aunt Jacquie, a dear wonderful woman who wanted only to be seen for who she was, a “dinkum Aussie’ at heart, born in Australia, daughter of the American Counsel General, a […]

Friends Don't Let Friends Build Under The Influence… Use A Professional!

Sixteen years ago we bought our dream house in the woods. As we moved in met the neighbors, many of them told us that they had hammered a lot of nails into our house.  The process the former owners followed was simple: Invite the neighbors over for a meal, enjoy some beer or wine with […]

True Stories: Joe The Plumber

A few days ago I saw our plumber, Joe, on his way home from a big job we have going on in SF. (Our Joe has been a plumber for 30 years. A Union Plumber. He even worked on the Ritz Carlton here in Half Moon Bay.) He was beat. “What happened, Joe?” I asked.  Well, […]

Fix a Leak Week: That Stink May Not Be Your Sink!

Okay, here is yet another TRUE story, I don’t make these things up. Last fall, my dear friends clients,  Eric & Susan, who lives a few short blocks away, had us replace a broken set of French doors a few months ago. His gardener, happily boppin’ away with his iTunes, shot a couple of pebbles […]