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So, you think you’re a hoarder?

by Virginia Maddan, guest blogger A common conversation my new clients initiate when I arrive at our first appointment unfolds as follows: New client: “I just want to warn you that my place is a total mess.” Me: “That’s ok! That’s what I’m here for. I’m sure it’s not that bad, but don’t worry about […]

Aging In Place Step 3: Maintenance, Cleanliness, Safety

Maintenence is one the the most important tasks you should do on a schedule – why not make it out in advance of when certain inspections or tasks should be scheduled. Things like range hood filters should be taken down cleaned annually. Buy  replace your existing batteries in the smoke alarms. Make your bathroom kitchen maintenance-friendly easy […]

Aging In Place: Walk in Showers

Probably the best thing since sliced bread is the dawn of the age of the curbless shower. Not only do curbless showers make it easier for seniors to get in out of the shower space, with without shower chairs or walkers, they add value to your home beautify the room when done with style. When equipped […]

Aging In Place: Take a Ride on the Stair Chair

When my client first called asked for one of these, a Stair Chair, I gave her a ballpark price on a new one. It’s a good thing I was talking with the Executor not the heart patient we  are working for! She couldn’t believe that the simplest, well made stair chair would cost a minimum […]

Home Maintenance Tip: Check Your Deck!

One great advantage of living in the Bay Area is our climate, another is that almost anywhere you live, you can find a view – of the hills, the Bay, the Ocean. That makes one of the most popular home additions a beautiful Deck. Those of you with decks more than 10 years old probably have them built from redwood […]

Home Safety Tips: Holiday Hints

The winter holidays are a time for celebration, that means more cooking, home decorating, entertaining, an increased risk of fire accidents. While you may be familiar with some of these tips, we recommend that you check these guidelines to help make your holiday season safer  more enjoyable. Unattended cooking is the leading cause of home […]

Aging In Place – Improve Your View

As we grow older, our senses dull. It’s just a fact of life. Fighting that with home remodeling countermeasures is a big part of the aging-in-place movement. As far as accommodating the senses, improved lighting is the best place to start. We finally replaced all the dimmable lights in our home with dimmable fluorescents.  Although I fought […]

Is Your Smoke Alarm Working?

While 96% of homes have smoke alarms according to the National Fire Protection Association, many of the fire alarms in these homes don’t work. Almost half of the fire related deaths in the U.S. could have been avoided if only the smoke detectors had been working. Make sure that your smoke alarms are working: Test […]

Home Maintenance Tips: Check Your Hot Water Heater

How often do you think about your hot water heater?  Can you remember the last time that you checked it? Typically, water heaters last 10 to 15 years, but with a little care maintenance they can last even longer. Some things to consider about your tank: Check the exterior. Leaks rust on the outside could […]

Home Safety Tip: Make Sure Your Fire Extinguisher Is Charged…

Inspect your fire extinguishers on a regular basis, at least once per month. Making sure that they are working properly is critical to safety in an emergency. When checking your fire extinguisher, make sure it is: accessible charged (the needle is in the green zone) free from any obstructions, moving freely intact: the seal tamper […]