Aging In Place: Walk in Showers

Probably the best thing since sliced bread is the dawn of the age of the curbless shower. Not only do curbless showers make it easier for seniors to get in out of the shower space, with without shower chairs or walkers, they add value to your home beautify the room when done with style. When equipped with a sliding h shower, they can also be a godsend for people who have small children, or large pets who need a good hosing!

The folks from AKW were here a few weeks ago, just as we were getting ready to start construction on a new framess, barrier free shower for our pal, John Lee. It was kismet. We had their new Tuff Room shower floor system delivered in two days, it took less than 4 hours to put in, with no extra framing work to be done, the drain is beautiful went in perfectly. The slope made it possible for us to line it up directly with the edge of the tiled room floor, the tile went in effortlessly.

Walk-in showers or barrier free showers can be used as a term interchangeably. This means they provide easy access for a mobile person or with the use of a mobile shower chair. This allows for mobile access without any step. There are a wide range of sizes of trays available some types may be cut to size. The size may depend on the room available the needs of the individual caregivers. A person requiring the use of a mobile shower chair is likely to require more space.

When considering bathing equipment an individual assessment with an occupational therapist a trained designer for AIP may be appropriate, your safety in your bathroom is very important. 

You can, with AKW’s products, work with your designer or builder to determine the feasibility features of your bathroom. Their shower chairs are much easier to install than a bench seat, the slats are made of ecologically friendly rubberwood which has been varnished for protection.

Stay tuned to HB Building Design as we introduce you to even more beautiful Aging Gracefully options for your bath home. Call us for an assessment pricing on making your tired old bathtub into a welcoming barrier free shower!