True Stories: Joe The Plumber

A few days ago I saw our plumber, Joe, on his way home from a big job we have going on in SF. (Our Joe has been a plumber for 30 years. A Union Plumber. He even worked on the Ritz Carlton here in Half Moon Bay.) He was beat. “What happened, Joe?” I asked.  Well, before he drove up to San Francisco in the afternoon, he had to commute from his home in the East Bay to his dear ole’ Mom’s spread in Pescadero, about 15 miles south of HB Building + Design, down the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s a very rural community. Kids live miles from their schools.

Joe the Plumber’s Mom still lives at the family home in Pescadero, joetheplumberwatertoweron Dearborn Park Road, the water is still held in a vintage redwood tank up on legs, out in the yard behind the garage. Well, the pipes were leaking the whole place was flooded again, like everything else in Pescadero that week. This day, it wasn’t raining. Joe told me “something came over him”  he just ripped all the old piping out for once for all, fixed it! He put in all new pipe to directly connect the old redwood tank to the house.

Seems the piping from the old water tank in back of house had been run up in the air, across the back of garage, was held up in the air by zig-zagging it through the trees before it connected to the house so there would be enough water pressure for the house. Nowadays, for some time, there is a main tank serving the whole area,  it’s high up the hill.There is plenty of pressure, “too much pressure,” said Joe, “that’s why everything always leaked when it rained!”

You’ve gotta love Joe.