HOME MAINTENANCE TIP: Get Out of the Gutter!

Hasn’t it been a rainy spring? Here in Nor Cal, we generally don’t get any rain after February or March, but we are nearing the end of May, the rains keep coming.

Don’t let a little rain or fog prevent you from doing a small task that will save you a lot of money in the long run. Professionals will advise you to clean your gutters twice a year. This year we are suggesting you clean them NOW!  If your home has trees that leave near your gutters, it’s even more important to clear them now. You can call a hy man to do this job for you, it should be an inexpensive undertaking, $2-300.

If you decide you want  to do this yourself, first, make sure you have the right tools. That includes heavy jeans, sturdy shoes, work gloves. If your house is low enough, a step ladder might give you the access to the roof line; if not, a larger folding ladder is good. If you have to use an extension ladder lean it  against the roof, make sure to insert a 2×4 in the gutter to keep it from collapsing.

One method hymen use to clear the gutter is to use a leaf blower. This works fine, as long as you are also wearing safety goggles a mouth mask.  You want to make sure to clear all the leaves completely from the gutter, especially in the area where a leaf guard (grill) is installed.  These grills usually can be removed to be completely cleaned.

Another method is to scoop the debris out into a bag, then use a hose to clear out any remaning dirt. Spray the nozzele down the spout /or use a snake to get up inside a gutter to clear really heavy buildup.