Designer’s Corner: An Air Bath For Me?

Every time I get about half way through my first interview with a new client, the subject of tubs comes up, heats up, polarizes couples, then we have a bit of education. There are many differing opinions on bathing vessels, but for today, keeping in mind our Aging In Place community, let’s find out if what you really want to invest in is an Air Bath (hydrotherapy massage).

First, let’s just look at the health reasons!  Twenty minutes in an airbath activates the lymphatic systems, increases blood flow, stimulates endorphins relieves sore muscles other painful ailments. The secret of this type of hydrotherapy that  the tiny air bubbles have relaxed your every muscle using passive resistance, while you just sat  soaked. It is the equivalent of a full body massage.

For Seniors others planning on Aging In Place, especially those who are recovering from a fall or other injury, this type of tub will even help you recover faster. The height of the tub can be built into your tub space, with a flat undermount tub, you can place a grab bar on the wall to help steady youself as you sit, swing your legs over into the tub, gently slide or sit down. If your legs don’t work, you can invest in a Tub Lift to enjoy this treatment

You will have a calmer water surface, rather than a roar of jets. Instead of  the pulsing, hard massage of the jets, that recycle water, which cools as it is pumped through the whirlpool system; an Air Bath treats you with the relaxing calm of a heated air massage caused by the release of warm air bubbles into the water. As warm air is being put into the water, no ‘cooling’ takes place. As opposed to a 4-10 jet system, an airbath has 30-80 small ‘bubble jets’ that propel warm air into the system. Pressure is evenly distrubuted throughout the bath, so your entire body is encompassed in a gentle, total sensation.

Many air baths include a heated back option, raised seat in the tub, armrests,  an enitre  air blower technology that is much, much quieter than a jetted tub motor.  Most come with grab bars as a stard feature, are usually higher than the stard 13″  tub, at 23-26″ high, you choose what is most comfortable. And, they are manufactured with anti-microbial materialsThe Aquatic Air Bath

An air bath can be found to fit any size shape bath – but most can fit exactly where your tub is now, with little modification. Like any jetted tub, it will require access to electricity, usually a stard 120 v. line. If you share the air bath with a shower, one nice thing is that the tub has a “purge dry cycle’ which helps keep the tub clean prevents the jets from ever clogging.  List prices start at around $1,000.00

If you are thinking about getting a new tub, would like more information on all brs of Air Baths, Soaking Tubs Whirlpools, HB Building Design will help you choose the right tub for the right price, get it installed too. We sell Aquatic, Kohler, Zuma, Toto Jason tubs, many more, at really great discounted prices. Just contact us at 650-728-5878! We will get the job done.