Benefits of the Toto Washlet for Seniors

benefits toto washlet seniors

There are many products out there that improve convenience and comfort for seniors, and one of the most common locations for such products is the bathroom — a place where many injuries or risks are present. One particular product that’s enormously beneficial to many seniors or others with movement issues: The Toto Washlet. 

At HBI General Contractor, we’re happy to help with a wide range of bathroom remodeling services, from cabinet remodeling to several forms of aging-in-place solutions that are ideal for seniors. We’re proud to both provide and install the Toto Washlet for a variety of clients who may be in need, for a range of different reasons. What are some of the top features of the Toto Washlet that make it so attractive to many seniors? Here are several.

Works With Existing Plumbing

One of the single most valuable elements of the Toto Washlet for seniors is the fact that it doesn’t require any new plumbing whatsoever. This is important because many homes have existing pipes and drains that may not be in the best condition — or, more importantly, may not be able to accommodate new plumbing without a great deal of expensive work.

The Toto Washlet doesn’t require any new plumbing because it simply attaches to your home’s existing toilet. It uses a small water tank that’s built into the unit — meaning no new water lines need to be run, and no new drains need to be installed. All that needs to be present is an electrical outlet somewhere in the vicinity that can be attached to the device (and adding a new outlet is typically much easier than changing your pipe setup).

Quality Spray Function

From a comfort and convenience standpoint, the feature of the Toto Washlet that likely stands out the most is the spray function. The ability for seniors to fully, thoroughly clean themselves without having to strain to wipe with toilet paper is enormously valuable across this population.

In addition, the spray feature has several specific functions. It can be tuned to either hot or cold water, plus has a heated seat option. It even comes with directional spray features that allow for different spray functions. Finally, it automatically blow-dries the area being cleaned, ensuring a complete cleaning experience from start to finish.

Elongated and Round Front Options

Another great feature of the Toto Washlet that’s ideal for seniors is the fact that they come in both elongated and round front options. If you’re not sure what this means, an elongated toilet seat is typically a bit longer than a round one.

The Toto Washlet is available in both elongated and round front options, meaning that you can choose the one that will work better for your needs. This typically comes down to the space available in the bathroom the Washlet is being installed into – round seats are used when space is at a minimum, while elongated options are used in other scenarios.

For more on the Toto Washlet, or to speak to one of our specialists about having it installed in your home or that of a senior loved one, speak to the team at HBI General Contractor today.