Aging in Place Bathroom Remodels: Further Tips for Gresham Clients

aging in place bathroom remodels

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to consider a bathroom remodel if the space is being utilized by someone who is aging in place. Bathrooms are a vital part of any age-in-place setup, as they’re one of the locations where some of the greatest risks for slips, falls and other accidents occur — having the right approach here can go a long way. 

At HBI General Contractor, we’re proud to assist Portland clients with a wide range of bathroom remodeling needs, including cabinet remodeling and several other areas. What are some of the other basic tips we offer when it comes to bathroom remodels for an aging in place setup? Here’s a basic primer.

Non-Slip Floors

As we noted above, many slips and falls experienced by seniors happen in the bathroom. This is due to a variety of factors, including wet floors, obstacles and more. One of the best ways to help mitigate this risk is by installing non-slip flooring throughout the bathroom space. This can include tile with a rougher surface, vinyl or rubber flooring, and more.

When considering which type of flooring is best, be sure to also keep maintenance in mind — some types of flooring, like tile, can require more work to keep clean than others.

Vanity Height Factors

If a new vanity or sink setup is part of the remodel, be sure to also consider height when making your selection. For someone who is aging in place, a raised vanity can make it easier to access the sink without having to stoop down — this can help avoid back pain and other issues.

There are also vanities on the market that come equipped with extra storage options, such as drawers and shelves, which can be helpful for seniors who may have difficulty bending down to access lower cabinets.

Toilet Height

Down similar lines, be sure to also consider the height of the toilet when planning a bathroom remodel for someone who is aging in place. Raised toilets, also known as adult height or comfort height toilts, are becoming increasingly common, and they can offer a number of benefits for seniors.

In addition to being easier to access, raised toilets can also provide added stability and support — this can be helpful for seniors who have balance issues or difficulty standing up from a seated position.

Wider Entryways

Whether we’re talking doorways, showers or other areas, it’s important to make sure that entryways are wide enough to accommodate seniors who may use mobility devices such as walkers or wheelchairs.

In many cases, widening an entryway is as simple as removing a portion of the existing drywall — in others, it may require more extensive demolition work. Either way, it’s important to factor this into the budget and timeline for the remodel.

These are just a few of the basics to keep in mind when planning a bathroom remodel for someone who is aging in place. For more on this, or to learn about any of our bathroom or cabinet remodeling services in Portland or nearby areas, speak to our team at HBI General Contractor today.