Product Spotlight: Dura

Vintage Mirror with Vanity Dressing Table

Vintage Mirror with Vanity Dressing TableWhen building a new kitchen or bath, it is important to start with good bones. Good bones means good cabinets, sturdy, durable, well manufactured, great finishes most importantly, a good design.  Having enough storage in the bathroom, flexible parts to make unique, custom solutions for each unique, individual design all come with Dura Supreme Cabinetry, located in Minnesota, USA.

Everything from a traditional bath vanity with makeup table to a contemporary kitchen is possible. Dura is one of the first cabinet lines to introduce the invaluable Plumbing Drawer – this means you can finally have storage below your sink for things like makeup hair brushes, plus a deep drawer at the bottom that pulls out so nothing gets lost in the deep dark back of the cabinet.

Recently Dura has introduced a complete Furniture Vanity program, with 6 or 7 different looks for all tastes. Using everything from Weathered Woods to sleek Acrylics, Dura has really advanced the custom cabinetry options for clients. In the bathroom there never seems to be enough storage.  MStyle Oneost bathrooms aren’t large Style Fiverooms to begin with when you think about all of the items that are used in that room it’s no wonder every inch of space becomes critical.  How do you find space for towels, soaps, cleaners, lotions, spare tissue plus include the 40 or something moving parts that make up the plumbing, lighting, tile cabinets?  Call me to find out how!