Contractor's Corner: Kitchen Building Blocks

How long will it take? What do I have to do? How much will it cost? Questions, questions, questions, that’s what the contractor is here to do, answer all the questions for every client. Our role is to provide assurance comfort, guidance support once the design is complete, all the materials have been selected,  take the now anxious-to-have-it-done homeowner through the construction phase of the project.Bob's Setting the Sink

Each unique remodeling job has it’s own design, it’s own solution. But when you are remodeling a kitchen, any kitchen, you need to follow the steps! You can’t ‘put the cart before the horse,’ you don’t want to set the countertops if you don’t have the sink! HBB+D has a method checklist for the homeowner to help them underst the process of installation, we review the time it takes for each phase, as well as what is going on when it looks like nothing is going on…(we’re probably waiting for the inspector).

Here’s how we Build a Kitchen:

1.    Demo
2.    Framing
3.    Rough Plumbing
4.    Rough Electric/Set Gas Line(s)
5.    Sheet Metal/Exhaust
6.    Wall Insulation
7.    Drywall, Tape, Texture
8.    Prime Walls
9.    Place/Install Appliances
10.  Set Cabinets
11.  Set Sink
12.  Tile/Install Flooring
13.  Template Countertop for Granite/Other Material
14.  Install Countertop Material
15.  Set backsplash/Install backsplash tile
16.  Electric Finish/Test appliances
17.  Paint Finish
18.  Seal Countertop/Tile
19.  Plumbing Finish
20.  Adjust cabinet doors
21.  Install cabinet inserts finish items (knobs/pulls)
22. Install decorative lighting fixtures, switch plate covers, dimmers

Now you’re cooking!