Contractor's Corner: Now is the Time!

logo1Got an email today that talked about the latest study to come of  Harvard University, their Remodelling Market Update Report. While most of the report came as a harsh reminder of the tough conditions which exist in today’s remodeling market, it ended by identifying five positives, which are worth repeating sharing with you!  Here they are:

1. Financing costs are low; affordability is at record levels;
2. Falling house prices rising foreclosures are pushing up sales;
3. Falling prices in construction materials labor is reducing project costs;
4. Federal initiatives provide direct funding for programs generating remodeling;
5. Large numbers of distressed homes are in need of repairs upgrades.

We like to focus on the positive aspects of recovery, are sending this message out to our friends clients, so you know that money is available to get work done, if you buy a distressed home, we are here to help with great pricing on the repairs remodeling work.