Designer’s Corner: 5 Ways to Succeed with your New Kitchen

It’s a fact of life. If you are a homeowner, you are probably going to experience a kitchen remodel in your lifetime. Here are a few hints as to how to keep you your kitchen designer happy, which will really benefit you in the long run to get you to your dream kitchen.

1. Get the right dimensions! When the designer comes to your home to measure, it is critical that every inch be measured precisely. If your counter tops are full of food items, bowls, dirty dishes, pots pans, or if there is anything stuck in the corners, your designer is going to TakaraKitchenhave a hard time measuring the space.  Here is an example of how NOT to welcome a kitchen designer into your home.  Can  you even FIND the countertop in this photo? Be kind clear your space so that every inch available will get into the plan.

2. Know your appliances! Select your appliances with a professional appliance salesperson. Make a decision on widths manufacturers before spending too much time on your floorplan or layout – these directly impact the ability for your designer to be creative, keep safety first, get you to the best design.

3. Go to a cooking class! Very often, when working with a professional kitchen designer or appliance salesperson, they can refer you to the local Culinary Product Ebosch_01ducation showroom. When you visit the showrooms, you’re given the opportunity to experience a comprehensive selection of products from the recommended, trusted brs, to learn about each appliance in detail to ensure you choose what’s right for you. These showrooms, usually set up by appointment, almost always offer unique cooking product education classes. There are lots of new ways to cook. Steam ovens. micro-convection ovens induction cook tops are all new options for upgrading your cooking experience, saving time, too.

4. Get Pictures!  Pictures are worth a thous words. Look through magazines, check out ideas on Houzz or other Internet sites, bring photos of your ideas to your kitchen designer. Circbest_01le the thing you LIKE about the photo, even bring pictures of things you DON’T LIKE for clarity. Communication can be an imprecise art, while your kitchen designer may be a good mind reader, having an example guarantees that you will get exactly what you want.

5.Learn the terminology! You will learn so many new words when you start planning shopping for your new kitchen. Cabinetry terms like “Framed” or “Frameless.” Appliance terms like “Range Top” or “Cook Top.” Hoods can be “Chimney,” “Isl,” or “Micro Vent.” Refrigerators can be “Built In,” or “Counter Depth.”  And there are so many more details, like CFMs, Sones, Blind Corners, plumbed, more you will need to question determine what your cooking living style is going to be in your new kitchen.

So have fun, get your notebook out, start planning your new kitchen today!