Contractor’s Corner: Bathroom Remodeling – Do It Yourself?

Bathroom Remodeling Advice

A SF Bath After the Client started the Demo                 Only One part of the Remodeled Bath

Most homeowners talk about renovating their bathroom, think it’s just “a small room, I can do it myself.”  The most common piece of bathroom remodeling advice they get is to hire an expert to do the job. It’s not that they are incapable of doing most of the work, but rather when remodeling a bathroom many hidden problems may come up that will make the job that looked so easy to do, really troublesome. By hiring someone who is experienced in doing the job as well as overcoming unexpected obstacles, costs can be contained the process can run smoother.

Choosing to do the job on your own may save money, but the labor stress when confronted by the unknown can be more costly that the job itself. Additionally, when  friends family get wind of what you are doing, you can be guaranteed to receive a lot of bathroom remodeling advice, most of it unsolicited. However, many people may have experience with this sort of work so accepting the bathroom remodeling advice may save time over the course of the project.

Before falling for unsolicited bathroom remodeling advice, consider the source. If the person has been through a similar project, they might have something useful to offer. However, if they have never performed any type of home remodeling work their advice may be simply to hire someone to do the job.  Having the bathroom designed with a professional NKBA bath designer using a set of plans is the best way to guarantee success, as you can ‘see’ exactly what the new bath will look like, place all the new components exactly where you want them, make sure everyone working on the project with you will be on the ‘same page’ when it comes to placing plumbing, lighting accessories.

Your best bet is to contact HB Building Design, where we have two NKBA qualified designers who know exactly how to design a code-friendly bathroom for your area, make it look beautiful too! Our own tile installers, plumber electrician will make sure that nothing is missed during the construction phase, your move-in ready bathroom will be done in a few weeks, instead of the several months it might take you to do it yourself.  So, you decide whether or not to take the professional approach. In the long run, it saves you time, money, stress mess.