Bath Remodeling: Adding the Wellness Principle

Last night I attended our Nor Cal NKBA (National Kitchen + Bath Association) monthly meeting, up at the beautiful showroom DJ Mehler, hosted by the always-elegant Doris Mehler.  The talk by Henry Brunelle, President, Bain Ultra, was brief showed off some extremely high end solutions for creating a spa like experience in the bath. The ‘Insperience’ shower panel includes all the gadgets gizmos designed to offer a complete bath/shower experience using:

TBath Remodeling for the Futurehe benefits of this ‘curative’ appliance is to treat your physical, mental, energy, emotional state, your future, health sensual senses. So, what if you don’t have a million dollars to spend on your bath remodel?  The benefits of all these elements have been demonstrated to be extremely therapeutic, achieving a state of well being is what we all desire from our daily rituals.

What’s that? You don’t have a ritual? Well maybe it’s time you thought more about what the benefits of showering, bathing, overall cleanliness have to do with your health well being. It’s easy to achieve a feeling of well being from spending time at a spa by getting a relaxing massage or body treatment. But the effects dissappear after a week or less. Having a bath system where you can efficiently cleanse relax your body is the goal. With that in mind, when you remodel your bath, create your own sanctuary, a place for your own ritual for health.

One ritual I began doing as suggested by one of my health practitioners is using a loofah on my whole body. Start one leg at a time at the foot, lightly scrub in a circular motion, while traveling up the leg. do the next leg, your arms stomach, etc., finish at your heart. It feels really good, the side benefit is my skin is smooth healthy, not dry flaky as it was before.

For this, a little extra shower/bath space is useful, as is a calming, simply arranged environment. Enjoy creating your sanctuary.

Remember, HB Building Design excels at bath remodels of all types. See some examples at, or call 1-888-414-3718. We will never talk you into buying something you don’t need. We put your safety first, then we enhance your lifestyle with a simple update to a completely new room. We look forward to hearing from you! – Bob + Jane