NEW AIP Showers + Pans: Well Priced + Pretty

Got a note from my bath distributors the other day to tell me about some new options for pre-made shower surronds, easily available to me through distribution. (Other people can pay retail off the rack!) But we know HB Building + Design is all about getting you the most beautiful results saving you the most money.

Lauren said as she knew I worked on Aging in Place, I should make their brochure available to you. I will, in our next newsletter! In the meantime, I’ll just say that they are working on the warmth of the bather issue that I contend is not the best for anyone to have to sit in cooling air, wet, while the tub empties!  They DO have amazing barrier free design shower bases, beautiful glass doors. Following are some examples of their new hardware design samples.                                                                   

Prior to the last few years, if you desired a premium-looking shower enclosure, you would have to go to a “custom glass house” for the design, fabrication installation of your enclosure. Very upscale, also very pricey. MTI offers a great alternative with its line of enclosures, making it easy for you to have the beauty fit of custom-made enclosures, without the custom price.  

Shower enclosures from MTI are the perfect complement to MTI’s fine line of high-quality showerbases tubs. MTI shower enclosures are designed specifically to fit MTI shower bases in the various sizes configurations. Two Series are available: the Nordic Series the Teutonic Serie The Nordic Series of shower enclosures features true frameless design, with no old-fashioned headers. Glass doors panels are constructed of substantial 10mm-thick tempered safety glass, whose corners have finely beveled edges for upscale appearance. Hinges hles are made of cast brass, hinges are attached through the glass to ensure security long-term proper alignment. Incorporating magnetic door closures the newest plastics technology in co-extruded seals, these shower enclosures are designed for years of trouble-free, watertight performance.

Installation is made easy with adjustable mounting extrusions that allow for +/- ¾” adjustment in the width of the enclosures for both sides. This flexibility compensates for variances in tile thickness walls that are out of plumb. The Nordic Series provides the beauty fit of custom-made enclosures, without the custom price, saving thouss of dollars. The Nordic Series also offers tub enclosures for tub / shower combination applications, such as the Tub Shield shown to the left.

The second series of frameless shower enclosures from MTI is the Teutonic Series, which suggests motion even while stationary. Rugged, industrial-looking rollers glide along a rock-solid stainless steel track, allowing the 12mm (1/2″) -thick, 200-pound sheet of tempered safety glass to effortlessly slide. Available in two finishes, natural high-polished, all hardware is constructed of premium, solid stainless steel. This formidable combination of design construction makes a definite statement helps create a spa experience like no other. The Teutonic Series also includes enclosures for tubs.

Shower enclosures from MTI are characterized by clean designs, unsurpassed quality, extreme durability, smart engineering value. Whether the bath construction is a new-build or a remodel, these enclosures are the perfect complement to MTI’s wide range of shower bases tubs in acrylic or Engineered Solid-Surface materials

So before you commit to a custom glass house, look at MTI’s selection of Tub Shower Enclosures see how you can have the beauty fit of custom-made enclosures, without the custom price. Cool!

(some parts taken from the article “Open Confinement” from MTI Whirlpools web 7-22-10)