Financing Your Remodel? Head to City Hall!

We were so suprised when we got the call. A family in South San Francisco wanted us to design install a new bathroom, then told us their budget. We met, showed them a few of our Bath Pack designs, they chose one, selected finish colors, off we went.  We sent the estimate the next day, they submitted it to the City. Within days, their loan was approved, after a brief trip to the Building Department, we had the Permit ( the city pays for that too!)

How easy is that? Well, the Federal Government has made loans available to people based on (1) the size of the family; (2) the gross income of the family. Finally, middle to lower income people will be able to get a low interest loan to fix up their homes! In the middle of this financial crisis hitting the entire world, we have work! People are able to get new, safe, clean, custom kitchens baths, kitchens, laundry room remdels, all financed through a loan from their own home town. Click here for more info.

About the SSF Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program

This Program assists low- moderate-income homeowners with housing repairs to bring their unit up to current building code. The maximum loan amount is $25,000. Eligible repairs include new roofs, dry-rot repairs, plumbing electrical repairs, other types of code violation repairs.

Income Eligibility

Household SizeMaximum Yearly Income

In your community, go to the town website search for “Loans.” It should lead you to a page that looks like one you can find on the South San Francisco web site. This Document lists all the cities on the Peninsula who to contact in your area. In San Mateo County, you can contact their FHA Loan programs at: (650) 366-6597

In San Francisco, you can start here to find out more info about what type of personal, home business loans are available.

However you do it, getting necessary remodeling done now doesn’t have to be put off – you can get practically interest free loans right from your own town or city! Call them, call HB Building + Design so we can help you with the plans you need for quick  approval to get the work done!