Contractor's Corner – Lighting up Your Deck

This week one of our clients asked about possible Exterior Deck Lighting Options. We’ve lit decks before, there are some great new ways to use technology to keep costs down, but add beauty, safety, a smart look to your new deck.

Nowadays we prefer using low profile solar powered (with help from rechargeable batteries) deck lighting. Wiring the whole deck can be costly cumbersome. These new lights make it very easy to have light where you want it,  choose how you want it on or off. Depending on how you set them, they can come on every night, or when you switch them on individually.

If you are adding a pergola, up lighting, using an outdoor adjustable exterior lamp in the two corners on the deck, but under the pergola, looks really cool. It can be put on dimmer to provide any atmosphere – bright for cooking or reading, dimmed when entertaining. This solution is much better than mounting lights ON the pergola for several reasons: they are easy to maintain change out after 8-10 years if housing breaks down due to location weather; no climbing up to change bulbs or adjust lights mounted ON the pergola, wiring is simplified when connecting to the deck surface as opposed to being up in the air!

Most of of the deck post lights I found are well priced all solar, using rechargeable batteries. They all mostly come with a set, but you would have to keep another set of batteries on h, have  a charger.

Up Lighting can be very dramatic, especially for a deck with a pergola. Once placed, it is easily adjusted, making it possible to light the pergola deck so it looks perfect. We secure it with concrete or a sturdy wood block base. I’ve used this one from Vista Lighting before it is really durable, especially in coastal climates. 

All the lights come in various colors finishes. You can also find solar powered lights that serve as post caps. They come in a wide range of colors styles, from ultra modern to Tiffany-style glass.

For safety,  a personal, unique look, deck lighting will complete your project make it look professionally finished!

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