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Aging In Place: Take a Ride on the Stair Chair

When my client first called asked for one of these, a Stair Chair, I gave her a ballpark price on a new one. It’s a good thing I was talking with the Executor not the heart patient we  are working for! She couldn’t believe that the simplest, well made stair chair would cost a minimum […]

Aging In Place: Half Moon Bay Senior Coastsiders

The party started EARLY. These folks don’t want to be late for the annual Senior Coastsiders Dinner!  Our Dates for the evening made sure we’d be picking them up 1/2 hour before the start of the party, even though they lived only 8 blocks away! The Senior Coastsiders of Half Moon Bay are a special […]

True Stories: M3 Race Finalist Cross Between American Idol + Shark Tank

Okay – a little background for my readers. This past year, I have been participatng in the Make Mine a Million $ Business Race. It has helped our company grow in mamy different ways, most of all, through tracking our financials completing a full business plan with 5 year goals clearly stated. I have participated in […]

Aging In Place: Successful Aging Excerpt from "Seeking Alpha" Stock Market Analysis Website

Following is some very interesting research data from both the NAHB (National Association of Homebuilders) NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) reported by both Seeking Alpha then picked up by Dar + Company as research information for their energy investments. This is a serious market to watch! “The National Association of Homebuilders has created a […]

Aging In Place – Improve Your View

As we grow older, our senses dull. It’s just a fact of life. Fighting that with home remodeling countermeasures is a big part of the aging-in-place movement. As far as accommodating the senses, improved lighting is the best place to start. We finally replaced all the dimmable lights in our home with dimmable fluorescents.  Although I fought […]

Dr. Eric Shapira's New Wrinkle

Dr. Eric Shapira, gerontologist local specialist, has just published a fantastic book on aging, “A New Winkle, What I Learned from Older People Who Never Acted Their Age.”  It’s available on Amazon it is a wonderful personal story, reference book, spiritual message, medical resource family guide on every practical personal aspect of aging. I highly recommend this book to […]

Aging In Place At UCLA

Just in the past month, so many wonderful things have come our way. I spoke at the UCLA Technology Aging conference a few weeks ago, it was a celebration of life living. So many spirited adults, specialists, doctors, educators, designers, architects, business owners even Art Linkletter were there to collaborate, discuss disseminate all the new […]

Aging In Place – That Kitchen Needs a Remodel

Your Kitchen One of the most innovative areas when it comes to aging-in-place home remodeling is the kitchen. A traditional kitchen can present quite a few obstacles from an aging stpoint: low ovens, slippery floors, high countertops, hard to reach cabinet space, just to name a few. A kitchen remodel that takes aging-in-place into account […]

Aging In Place: Stylish Grab Bars, Safety First

Usually, the first time we get ‘the call’ for installing an Aging In Place home modification is for adding Grab Bars in the Bathroom, usually in the Shower/Tub area or near the commode. And there the discussion begins. How much will it all cost? Seniors with fixed incomes who have not prepared their homes in advance are suddenly […]